FIve Reasons Why the Future of CRM Includes Bots

Looking into the future of customer relationship management (CRM), it’s difficult not to see artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots transforming these platforms and enabling sales and marketing teams to better respond to their customers. Some may question the humanity of CRM chatbots, but there’s no denying that opening up CRM data by using innovative tools helps speed the sales cycle. Here are five reasons why the future of CRM includes bots.

1. Enable Bot-to-Bot Scheduling Across Your Teams

Imagine a chatbot scheduling agent integrated into a CRM solution enabling sales people to schedule the appropriate staff from sales, engineering, customer success, and other departments to start a new customer project or even to provide deal support, such as technical meetings or product demos. Such a chatbot will likely call another bot that uses AI to initiate a messaging stream combined with calendar access in an effort to find open time on multiple calendars

2. Promote Self-service CRM

One goal of any CRM solution internally is to make prospective and current customer information accessible to appropriate employees at all levels of your organization. To top it off, you want to ensure that the access requires a bare minimum of IT or other human intervention.

A chatbot as part of the front-end user interface of a CRM solution enables users of all skill levels to access customer data and reporting through interactivity, such as asking natural language questions. For example, questions like “Who are the chief information officers of our biggest customers?” save users time because they don’t have to search or even spend that much time in the application.

3. Automate Customer Support Services

Too many CRM systems aren’t user friendly, slowing inside sales and customer agents’ responses to customers. To solve these problems, you can automate many parts of your customer support services by allowing chatbots to field questions in place of customer support operators, according to

The automation of customer support services helps reduce training time and costs for call center staff and even inside salespeople, both of which can be transitory positions. Besides putting a chatbot in front of an aging CRM system can help you extend the life of your current platform before you can spare the time, money, and resources to migrate to a cloud CRM solution.

4. Improve Lead Scoring

Better lead scoring of CRM records from outside sources, such as email and other back-office systems, is but one frontier confronting AI in the CRM world. Vendors are rushing to improve chatbots before customers tire of their still somewhat unreliable self-service experiences and rudimentary CRM tools.

Chatbots improving lead scoring is an area to watch in next-generation CRM platforms because automating such an important task can at least help augment a task traditionally performed by sales management or just more experienced salespeople.

5. Stave off Data Loss by Field Sales

Sales people work in a mobile world, meaning that entering customer data into mobile CRM apps inadvertently causes data loss. Integration of a chatbot into your CRM system can help solve this issue.